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Why WooCommerce is best e-commerce platform for startups?

Five months Ago

When we met John, he was literally devastated. A middle-aged entrepreneur, John  failed to grow any of his previous startups. Let’s hear his story, we decided.


For next couple of hour, we came to know about-

  • How John lost all of his money?
  • How did his startups fail?

And we noticed a pattern, repeated in all the projects. Despite having great product/ service he failed because-

John chose wrong e-commerce platform for each of his startups.

He suffered as his platform had following issues-

  • Costly & massive maintenance cost
  • Existing platform failed to upgrade with business growth
  • Lack of flexibility minimizing website features

“What would I do now?”, John asked.

Start your next startup with WooCommerce.”, we replied.

John was skeptical. But when we demonstrated the expertise of WooCommerce, his confidence was back.Now, if you have failed like John or do not know what’s the best platform to begin a startup, GO WooCommerce NOW.

Here are the WooCommerce strengths that convinced John-

1. Best e-commerce platform for startups -(WooCommerce is Free:- )

Fixing budget is a tough challenge for every startup. WooCommerce, a free open source e-commerce platform is a breather. It’s free to download and install.

Question is how much you will get for free? John made this valid inquiry.

That depends on how much customization merchants need for their website depending on business goals, we informed him. screen-shot-2013-06-30-at-3-42-42-pm

For beginners, WooCommerce has loads of free themes and plugins to set up and run any functional e-commerce website.

But, if you want to be the leader of the market, will not you go for an investment? John made the investment and later he thanked us for giving him an honest estimation. John is not the only one to love and get benefited  from the Woocommerce.

2. WordPress Foundation:-

We all love brands. Why? Because they are trustworthy product/service and our investment will be safe. We at The Grey Parrots do not understand “Why don’t merchants go with a reliable brand while choosing e-commerce platform?”

Today with the domination of 26% of the web, WordPress is a trustworthy brand.

WooCommerce built around WordPress has two advantages

  • Seamless user experience, easy to change and add functionality.
  • Being an open source platform, one can modify their existing WordPress website into a functional e-commerce store through WooCommerce easily.

WordPress is flexible. So, modifying your existing website after installing WooCommerce will be hassle free. To sum up, being a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce can run on any WordPress theme.

3. WooCommerce is Flexible:-  Best eCommerce websites to startup

John badly wanted a flexible website for his startup. We inquired why. “ For design and development tweaking”, John elaborated. WooCommerce satisfies John. He gets 300+ plugins to change shipping process, payment procedure and bring intuitive store settings.

With WooCommerce solutions, we have helped e-commerce merchants including John to-

  • Categorize products
  • Give them individual characteristics and labeling price
  • Selling downloadable, virtual, physical or even affiliate products

WooCommerce makes selling easy, literally.

4. Make your Own Site:-

Startup starts and then sinks. Too early. Here is a stat from statisticbrain

WooCommerce for startups

55% businesses just fade away after five years. Leading multiple startups towards growth, we have noticed most of them suffer for not building an authentic website that will say about them and their targeted customers.

Locking horn with bigger brands, e-commerce startups must do away with the template websites.

Compare the home page of  Reebok and Puma.




Do they look same? If not, then you should concentrate on making a personalized website.

WooCommerce is your solution that speaks about you for your niche customers. How this is possible?

  • Massive repository of themes gives you a different but apt look to your e-commerce that your product & service demand.
  • WooCommerce is a developer friendly platform allowing to bring changes into your website that your brand needs.

To say little, stand out and stay ahead of your competition with WooCommerce website.

5. Never afraid to dream Big:-

We always learn something from our customer. John taught us “How to dream big?” Despite his bagful of failures, he asked Will my website be able to grow along with business?”.

WooCommerce was his solution. Why so?

It has 300+ extensions and with a robust framework, one can add APIs and plugins to gain more additional power.

Want to go for email marketing & social media marketing or conventional affiliated marketing- WooCommerce will cover your basics. It is mobile friendly, giving you the edge to go for millennial marketing. Even, one can look for the global sale or go local with the multi-lingual plugin.

Manage multiple payment options as per your customer base, from membership, bookings to the subscriptions, WooCommerce stands for scalable e-commerce solution.

6. You can manage your e-commerce website:-

John dropped his jaw when we told him that he could change his product description, add new categories and label price tag in his e-commerce store.

“Are you crazy?”, he said with a big laugh.woocommerce-for-startups-process

“Don’t worry”, we showed him the easy custom post type functionality of WooCommerce.

To introduce new categories, all you need is to “add custom post type” woocommerce-for-startups-bband fill the required field. Similar like this-


John fell in love with WooCommerce. So are you, we guess!!!


7. Highly Compatible E-Commerce Platform:-

Entrepreneurs like John are always ready to take new challenges. Despite his earlier setbacks, he had a blueprint of different startup models from e-learning to CMS.

WooCommerce fits his plan. As this is not just a WordPress plugin but a complete e-commerce toolkit.

With WooCommerce, one can transform any website from Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into a complete functional e-commerce website. With John and multiple customers, we have witnessed WooCommerce’s superiority in managing both small business and big online stores.

8. Track Your Sales From Day One with Analytics:-

Analytics is the difference between an amateur and professional startup. John agreed to us and remarked, “ “It’s important to know your customer behavior.”

WooCommerce analytic tools will be your guide to-

  • Measure products sales
  • Analyze the sales according to date and brand
  • Provide graphs of total sales, sales by date, average order totals, individual customer statistics.
  • Track social media to get the latest feedback of the customers

Knowing the customer is a big plus. WooCommerce helps you to monitor and monetize your online business.

Coming Back to Present Day

We were about to close our office when John’s call came yesterday. He informed us his ROI is impressive now and he has got some investors for his business. He thanked us profusely while we requested him to thank WooCommerce, a complete e-commerce solution giving John a platform to start from the scratch and scaled up the website with his business growth.

Please, Take A pragmatic Step

No, we will not say that “Be like John and choose WooCommerce.” That’s your decision.

From experience, we know, Selecting a right platform is a big deal for startups. It can break or make your future.

We just share John’s story that we feel need to make live after yesterday’s warm phone call. We have witnessed many Woocommerce success, but John’s comeback from the massive failure through WooCommerce will always be our biggest motivation.

If you too are facing a plight like John, or going sleepless to decide a platform for next startup, we are ready for conversation. No business hyperbole from us, we promise. Let’s have a chat now.

Image Credit- Pixabay, Puma & Reebok. Statistics Credit


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