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Is there a perfect social media channel for you?

social media channel

Did you know that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others?”
Does that mean a poorly maintained social media page will drive the prospects away? Well, the answer is a BIG YES.
But merely creating a social media profile doesn’t assure a successful brand name as well. The key here is to find the appropriate platform where your prospects hang out the most. And how that can be done?

Our three-step mechanism will help you determine that.

Step 1- Evaluate your product
I know that you are clear about your offer, but have you assessed it well? Assessment of your product/service implies knowing your resources, segmenting your market & targeting the right set of customers. Imagine running a baby care product ad in front of a college student. Isn’t it a sheer waste?

social media

To avoid such mishaps, segmentation & targeting are your two devices.

a) Segmentation happens on the basis of demographics, geography & economy. Demographics are a broad part. You can divide it as per age, gender, society & culture.

b) After the segmentation, it’s easy to target the specific category of people the marketer wishes to serve. But, how can you shoot the magic bullet if you are unaware of the right channels? Let’s decode-

Step 2- Select the right channel
Hold on! There is no absolute platform for a certain category of prospect. Trial & error is the best way out here.
Try Instagram if the major part of your resources consists of pictures & videos. Try Facebook for conveying your message through blogs or if you want direct interactions with your audience. Try Twitter for establishing your brand name & expanding your network.

Step 3- Decide on the results you want to achieve
Social media is used by marketers for deriving benefits like-

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Better customer service
  • Getting more inbound traffic
  • Acquiring Better customer insights
  • Saving on huge advertising costs

As a marketer, you need to set your objective wisely. Once you set your objective, it will be easier for you to select the right platform to showcase your products or services.

For our The Grey Parrots social media pages, we have figured out the”Where to post” “What to post” from the day one. Check them below-

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Sharing a hack at our Facebook page to tap into our audience interest 

twitter tgp

Basking under the warm sun of influencer marketing 

To implement all the ideas coherently, a social media calendar is must for you. Posting versatile content on a regular basis & promoting them is the soul of social media marketing.
Posting a casual selfie on social media isn’t a big deal, but when it gets related to business, trust me, you got to be serious & consistent.
So, here is a table mapping out the essential channels for your business on the basis of the result you’re looking for-








Long Term Relationship

Brand Awareness

Customer Insights

Online Business

Interest based networks

Influencer Marketing

You won’t be wrong if after having a look at the table, you come to the conclusion that a Facebook account is most viable for your business. But what to post there? Or do you need an optimized social media calendar for your business? Don’t hesitate to ping us, we are just a click away.


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I am an enthusiast entrepreneur leading an entire entourage of 'Digital Age' that services in anything WordPress and Internet Marketing. I call this dream project - The Grey Parrots. Which not only by name but also by fame are the learned ones.

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