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Is WordPress safe for your website?

WordPress Security

Do you have WordPress website? Then, you better update it regularly. Because, as per Sucuri report, 56% websites of them are not updated. And result-

WordPress Security

Yes, in recent time, 78% WordPress websites have been targeted by the hackers. The alarm bell rings here.

You have been a fan of the WordPress. Investing in the WordPress has saved a good amount of money for your startup. But, considering the alleged risk and recent reports, did you take a right decision?

Yes, you did. Trust us, WordPress is safe for your website.

What makes us so confident? How can we draw such conclusion?

Find all the answers of your “If’s”, “But” “Yes” and “Why Not” over the WordPress Security out here.

Why there is so much attack on WordPress?  

It is an irony that what makes WordPress so popular is the reasons’ behind facing most attacks in recent time.

Massive Popularity

Around 26% websites around the world are built with the WordPress.

Packed with free themes and plugins and user-friendly interface WordPress has been widely welcomed by the website makers and businesses enthusiasts.

But, with fame comes attention. And, unfortunately, that pie of the attention is not without the black hat hackers.

In addition of that, most of the websites are developed amateurishly making it vulnerable before the large group of active hackers.

What’s WordPress take on Security?

Security is about risk reduction, not risk elimination, says WordPress. True they are as there were and will be threats and constant attacks on websites. So, elimination of the risk is out of our control.

But, we can add definite safeguards to protect it from the threats.

And here, the concept of “risk reduction” seems legit.

What WordPress has done to reduce risk?

To secure WordPress religiously follows a set of tactics. It consists-

Regular Updating: WordPress is currently running on 4.5.2 version. Since their inception, they have constantly worked and updated their software and published newer version to keep it away from the threat. They have strictly suggested not to use the older versions as they are more likely to be hacked.

Powering the Plugin: Recent research by Sucuri hackers are targeting the outdated plugin to damage a WordPress website.

WordPress Security Sucuri Report

Hence, WordPress and the big names in plugin makers always update their plugin.

However, the real task needs to be accomplished by the Website owner. What are they? Let’s figure it out-

What can you do to secure your WordPress website?

Don’t get overwhelmed and try to give honest answers to the series of questions asked below-

Are you updating your website regularly?

If you do not want the attention of the hackers, please update your website. Regularly and religiously.

Improving software security is a never ending process. Keeping your website up-to-date is a smart move to make it feasible. Older versions of WordPress are not maintained with security updates.

Are you using a secure theme and plugin?

Being an open community WordPress is the room of a pool of free themes and plugins. And, therefore you need to be extra cautious to choose the right one among the herd.

That theme might look tempting, that plugin might offer great extension- OK. But are they reliable?

Follow these cool tips-

  • Look at the number of installations.
  • Read the reviews.
  • Have a close look at the rating.
  • If required go for a reputed plugin by spending some extra bucks. (All good things do not come free of cost.)

Is your web server secure?

Hackers mostly intrude into your website by attacking the vulnerable web server. Be sure in which web server your website is. Is it secure enough? Are they customer friendly?

To secure your website you must use a reliable and stable web server or put your money behind a trusted host that takes care of security issues.

Very often shared hosts invite trouble. Have you placed website at there? Make a move now.

What’s your admin name?

The mission of risk reduction begins with a simple task. Just change the common, easily breakable admin name.

Experts say that most of the hackers target wp-admin / wp-login access point. They try to break through it with a combination of admin and some password with the help of some powerful software.

In such scenario, what does the logic say?

Removing the default admin or administrator user’s name will be a smart move.

It will reduce the chances of being hacked to some extent.

And, don’t worry about your page role. If you create a new user by a hard-to-crack user’s name, you will still be in charge of the website.

Is is your password strong?

It’s a nagging problem. We know. Balance is the key here. You have to make it a strong and also the password should be an easy one to recollect. So, what we do? We leave clue by attaching our personal details in the password. Right?

And hackers love us so much for this single reason. Very often they use highly efficient tool to achieve that.

Here, it is highly important to follow some basic rules while safeguarding your website with the password.

Why not follow some cool tips in search of a strong password-

  • Avoid any clue or permutation of your name, user-name, company name, or name of your website.
  • A short password is easy to decode. Make it long and strong.
  • Spend time with password generator and followed their pattern. Mix and match is the trend.
  • Your password should be a collection of alphabets, number, symbol to make it strong.
  • Above all, it is better to change the website password in every week or so.

Moreover, WordPress has a password strength meter which gives an indication of your password strength.

What’s your website authentication access?

Is it two step authentication? Don’t get stumbled upon over the term as it is currently the lifeline of world’s leading websites.

So, why not use the new knight of security? Let’s go into the deep of the two-step authentication.

Lion’s share of websites use an id and password for log-in process. But, for two-step authentication, the website will ask for another extra information from its’ users.

They will be allowed to use the information based on three credentials-

  • Something users know, such as a personal identification number (PIN), password or a pattern .
  • Something users have, such as an ATM card, phone no.
  • Something users are, i.e their biometric like a fingerprint or voice print.

Is your computer safe?

You have checked the web server. But, what about your computer? Is it free from malware or any bug potential to cause damage to your website. Check and recheck your computer to work on your website. There is no point to blame WordPress for our own mistake. Right?

Trust us, maintenance of a WordPress website is as easy as it to make. You just have to tick all the above-mentioned boxes regularly and religiously.

However, most of the WordPress websites overlook it and get hacked in result. What about you? Is your WordPress website safe?







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