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What should you do when your existing e-commerce platform fail to perform?

“And then they live happily ever after.”

What takes to achieve that status? Can’t comment about human relationship, but from our experience of developing and debugging numerous e-commerce websites, we can say that rejecting non-functional platform is the first step towards  hassle free website experience.

WooCommerce MigrationYeah, that’s tough. We at The Grey Parrots take that tough decision- The Decision of Migration when we find a pattern of issues that suffer the e-commerce merchants.

Issues of flexibility, scalability to integration– we hear all problems and tell them to Migrate to WooCommerce.

But, why WooCommerce? They asked. If you have similar issues and question over WooCommerce, this blog is for you. Read it to know why our developers are fond of WooCommerce.

We have listed the most nagging obstacles faced by any e-commerce website in an incapable platform and the solution in WooCommerce style. Hope, our words give you a way to “Live happily ever after with your e-commerce website.” 

1. Integration:-


E-commerce is well-oiled machine where below factors-

  • Shopping Cart Technology,
  • Order Management,
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management,
  • CRM,
  • Shipping / Manifesting,
  • Marketing,
  • Merchandising,
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Payment Gateways

-need to work in sync. Placed in a poor platform, any e-commerce website will face trouble to synchronize all the factors for a seamless performance. It also closes the door of additional feature integration.


WooCommerce with a strong core offers all the features that are enough to start and run an online business. Being one stop solution, there is no question of integration issue with WooCommerce, a complete e-commerce toolkit.

From storefront and catalogs, order management, fulfillment, shipping to inventory management, customer relationship management, payment integrations- WooCommerce covers all the basic e-commerce necessities.

Will there be integration issue for additional features?

Good question. Here are two points for you to consider-

  • WooCommerce is superbly flexible and scalable with a massive theme and plugin repository. So, integrating new feature is not a headache.
  • All the plugins and themes are WordPress compatible and as WooCommerce itself is a WordPress e-commerce toolkit, there is nothing called integration issue.

2. Outdated Features:-


In a weak platform, e-commerce websites compromise with-

1. Integrating additional features
2. Poor performance of the existing features
3. Present features can not be customized

Result- Growth hits a low as they fail to evolve in a dynamic digital market.


WordPress constantly updates WooCommerce (the current version is 2.6.6) and the massive developer community never stops introducing new themes and plugins for better e-commerce websites.

Be it the e-mail Marketing, social Media Marketing, affiliate marketing or new mobile commerce, guided navigation, dynamic product customization, – with the WooCommerce, adapting online business with fresh marketing tactics is easy.

3. Not Scaling with Business :-


E-commerce has this sweet headache called “Scalability”. When business gets accelerated, website demands massive and complex product categories, multiple payment options and flexible gateways.

If your website platform is not strong and scalable enough, you can not provide service to larger customers.


When we pitch for scalability, we demand two things.

  • More feature integrations that can leverage with business growth and enhance your e-commerce strength.
  • The website platform should be strong enough to implement all the new features for a long period of time.

WooCommerce ticks all two boxes. Woocommerce MigrationHere is how-

1. WooCommerce plugin and theme reservoir give the merchants option to implement any features. Payment to product management- you wish, WooCommerce delivers.

2. The WordPress mechanism has made WooCommerce a comfortable platform for the developers. Customization, design and development tweakings– options are plenty with WooCommerce.

3. The WordPress background makes WooCommerce a strong platform to add multiple features without comprising with the website performance.

4. Not Multi-Channel:-


E-commerce merchants look for multi-channel earnings. From email, social media, mobile commerce to capturing the local market, affiliate sales or making their products visible in bigger e-commerce entities- they try every available option.

But, they stumble with a fragile platform.


WooCommerce stands for multi-channel online business. Let us see all the strength-

1. Merchants can go for social media or email marketing or make their products available on larger e-commerce store aka Amazon or E-bay with WooCommerce plugins.

2. Multi-channel is not only about marching towards different business paths but spreading the business across different avenues and channels. WooCommerce is multi-screen friendly and is also compatible in different browsers.

5. Poor Analytical Assistance:-


Data is one of the biggest arsenals for a successful e-commerce venture. Knowing your customers make it super easy to optimize marketing strategy.

Merchants often lack the insights of looking for analytics and select a platform which has zero analytical support or incapable to present data with in-depth analysis.


WooCommerce inbuilt analytics tool does everything that we are already arguing so far.

  • Reporting sales by date
  • Individual customer statistics
  • Presenting total sales and average order totals

WooCommerce analytical tracks your business activities and present the report in graphical form for better strategy optimization.

Now, if the merchants have the hunger for more specialized customer reports, WooCommerce compatible analytical plugins are always there for them.

6. Existing E-Commerce Looks Dull:-


Accept marketing is about appearance, if not all. Raise your hands, if your e-commerce website looks dull. Look, we all know how tough the digital marketing is and how little our span of attention is. Right?

Our experience said e-commerce merchants fail to strike a balance between development strength with design brilliance. But, mate, if you do not have an aesthetic professional website, your e-commerce boat will sink. Sooner or later.


WooCommerce will keep it sailing. Loads of themes will transform your cumbersome e-commerce website to a beautiful functional online store, complementing your business need. Every theme is replete with a wide range of varieties. Moreover, being the open source platform, you can bring in the development tweaks as per your need.

7. Flexible:-


“My website does not support my business goals.”, that’s a common allegation we receive in tons. They want design and development change or look for new business models but take two steps back due to a redundant platform.

When John (Read our first interaction with John here) came to us with his another project, we talked a lot about flexible issues. He gave us a list compiling massive design and development tweakings and customisation. 


WooCommerce offers him needed flexibility.  With WooCommerce, we give John options to- 

  • Sell virtual, physical and even downloadable products.
  • Shift to a new payment option through installing and activating a plugin.
  • Changing appearance for a particular product promotion or going for seasonal offerings- WooCommerce covers all scopes of development and designing customisation.

Consider all the scopes, benefits, numbers and metrics, that we give here. As said earlier, we know how it is tough to move over. But, think about that hike in sales, think about the better traffic and think about raising your head above competitions– that’s all easy when you say goodbye to a redundant platform for better e-commerce and move forward towards “Living happily ever after.” Take the first step now.

Image Courtesy- Pixaby, Flickr. WooCommerce Stat Source.


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