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Your Landing Pages hikes your sales. But does it boost SEO?

The Grey Parrots-Landing Page boosts SEO

Have I gone nuts? Reading the title, you must wonder since when landing pages are boosting SEO? Well, it is a relevant metric and it will remain. People don’t realize it’s potential as they never bother to know what all goes to achieve the desired conversion. 

But, aren’t landing pages built for higher conversion, growth and sales for PPC campaigns? Then, why I am pitching SEO?

Forget all jargons. Remember this?

The Grey Parrots-Landing Page boosts SEO

Image Credit

Yes, quintessential Di Caprio in The Wolf of the Wall Street portraying one hell of a marketing brain Jordan Belfort who experimented with the marketing laws and exception paths.

Coming back to the film, can you recollect what was the answer. One possible trick was revealed earlier in the film at a rendezvous of Belfort.  Check it out-

The Grey Parrots-Landing Page & SEO

Image Credit

“Supply and demand”. Yes, two marketing maxims. But, to complement this, you need your “Pen” aka “Website” to be noticed. You need to draw attention or to say in our term “You Need Traffic.”

And here comes SEO. Right? The whole SEO process is time-consuming (and hence painful) . But if you have got your site ‘up there’ why not make it work even more!

We know the purpose of a Landing page is to “Land your visitors in a specific place for a specific action.”

But your landing pages are not single entities. If they are not used as a microsite, a landing page is an integral or extended part of your websites crafted to boost sales.

Here, we throw the puzzle again. But, what if your websites do not get noticed? To be precise-

“What is the purpose of your Landing Page if it never reaches to people?”

We suggest you concentrate on SEO optimized Landing Pages. It will serve two purposes-

1. Your landing pages will get better SERP.
2. It will boost your entire website SEO.

Enough theories. Let’s talk about business. Let’s identify the key factors that make a Landing Page a compelling SEO factor.

1. Keywords are Everything: – Old but an evergreen player. Why does it matter to the Landing Page?

Because a website homepage does not have the luxury to play with keywords for its’ general approach. Landing page opens the avenue here.

Your Landing Pages have targeted audience and a specific product/service for a certain action- sales/subscribe/booking etc. Set your keywords around your niche and place yourself for best SERP results.

Where to put keywords? Good question. Here are your options-

  • Title Tag: Without a doubt, the title tag is the most important SEO factor. That 50-60 words will high and low your ranking chances. Guided by keywords, your landing page should be persuasive enough to earn clicks and conversion. That’s why you build Landing Pages. Right?
  • Headline: Visitors first notice the headline of your Landing Page. You want to win their trust and a positive action from them. Your headline is your biggest bet. But, will you pay no heed to SEO? Not at all.

SEO experts are against keywords stuffing but they have recommended to keep the “SEO scent” or the SEO flow from title tag to headlines. Write your headline around the words that you have used in “Title-Tag”. H1 tags are considered as “second title tag” that sends another relevant signal to Google.

Here is an example The Grey Parrots- Landing-page-boosts-SEO of SEO optimized Headline from Raven tools.


Have you noticed that headline- “SEO Management Software”? It’s “Short” “Clear”, and “Engaging” giving a clear idea on the page’s purpose and the choices of two keywords “SEO Management” and “Software” are icing the on cake. It shares a message of their target audience. You need to implement their strategy. Vigorously and constantly.

  • Text:- Be it the LSI Keywords or the long-tail keywords, your Landing Page text is a great place to use them. You will gain SEO rewards for maintaining your keywords flow started from “Title-Tag” and continued to “Headline”.

2. Links link SEO:- Internal link is a massive boost for SEO practice. Here are the benefits identified by the MOZ

  • They allow users to navigate a website.
  • They help to establish information hierarchy for the given website.
  • They help to spread link juice (ranking power) around websites.

Search engines look forward to a crawlable link structure. Like this-

The Grey Parrots-Landing-Page-Boosts-SEO

Image credit

A pyramid-like site architecture where the big dot above, is the home page. MOZ says, it is helpful and practiced by industry experts as it allows link juice to flow throughout the entire website. In return, you will get more SEO brownie points.

A UI Riddle :-

Answer this- In search of link juice, will you give your Landing Page a complex UX? Experts instruct you to make your Landing Page simple, navigation-friendly and dedicated towards single action.

Look what Neil Patel has done with his Landing Page-

The-Grey-Parrots-Landing Page-boosts-SEO

Image Credit

A minimalistic Landing Page par excellence.

Taking a cue, you better stay away from directing your users to your home page or elsewhere multiple time from your Landing Page. Use relevant CTAs. Collect their information or sell your product- the ball is in your court.

But, what about getting SEO from internal link?

Here is your solution:-

You need to optimize your websites and provide links to your landing pages from homepage. It ensures a good site-structure and the search engines will get an idea of your page’s topical relevance.

A perfect site structure also enhances more traffic towards your landing pages and the crossover of links will trigger the link juice that we are looking for.

Takeaway- Through a landing page, we can immediately spread links around and boost our SEO campaign.

Never squander that opportunity.

3. Content- Of late, the content is growing as an influential SEO metric. Here is what SEO expert Brain Dean thinks-

  • Is your Landing Page content useful and relevant? Ask these two questions to yourself. Gone the days of useless word stuffing. If your content is no more useful, there is no place for you at search engines.
  • Is Your Landing Page content fresh? Google loves fresh content. There are multiple metrics to judge content’s freshness.
    You may not need to scribble them right now but know about the “latest pain” and “trends” of your industry and strategise your content. It’s a tested and tried process and with Google’s Panda algothrim, the stress is more on “content freshness”.

Read the clear words at wall-

“Content that is general, non-specific, and not substantially different from what is already out there should not be expected to rank well.”

  • Does your Landing Page content have keywords? Pray if you do not have. We have already talked about keeping the “keyword scent” or “keyword flow” in your entire content. Do not be bogged down by the “keywords research”. Experts want you to use only those which go with your content and make it keywords-rich.
    Let’s look at examples to know the best practices-


Image Credit

The message “Unlock your teen’s potential” is pursuasive and later elaborated below. Look, how they spiral their message and keywords around their target users- “Student”, “Teen”, “Classes” and “Next generation”.

Here is another example of “Fresh”, “Relevant” and “Keyword-rich” content.


Coadeacademy is looking to land and convert people who want to learn code. Here, “Learn to code interactively, for free” immediately captivates eyes. They place an engaging video with a snippet- “How can coding help you?” Short, engaging and succint content with stress on keyword “Code”, “Coding”-  Codeacademy maps it out cleverly.

4. Social Signal: Eyes rolled? Yeah, mine was too. But, beware of the slips.  Yes, social signal is taking fair amount of share in SEO pie.

The-Grey-Parrots-Landing-Page-Boosts-SEOConsiderable enough? Right!!! And remember, you do not need to be an SEO expert or looking for some link-juice to gain social signal. All you need to share your Landing Pages in social media or making them compelling enough to be a social media trend.

How will Landing Page give you better SEO through Social Signal?

We talk about convincing landing pages that people love to share with their friends through social media. Here is a step by step process-

1. Such landing pages become a social media fad.
2. As it gets more shares and likes, your landing page, a part of your crafted website gets more traffic.
3. Google will surely notice your advancement and better ranking is on your way. Was SEO such easy before?
Do your Landing Pages boost SEO?

OK – now to the million dollar question. Now after reading a ton of HOW to make good landing page for organic search,  here we address WHY of it. People want faster communication. Landing Pages are a great medium to convince them and make them a part of your sales funnel.

A SEO optimized landing page is a kind-hearted soul who not only draws traffic but opens new SEO avenues to where it belongs, .i.e the parent website. More search engines like Google see that visitors are getting engaged in your page and navigating further into your site will hike your importance in their eyes for those set of keywords in the organic search. A prize not to be missed for sure, my mate. 

Interested about landing pages that does more than selling? Build yours now. By the way, how will you a sale a pen? Just asking!!!



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