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Yes, Twitter can improve your SEO but do not commit my mistakes

Twitter and SEO

Human beings are prone to mistakes.

One year ago, I made a terrible mistake. I made a mistake to win Google with my abundant meaningless tweets. I was knocked out pretty soon. I was influenced by a storm in the digital world. It read-

“Twitter improves SEO.”

I was sceptical initially. Then in one fine morning, I noticed something like this-

Twitter improves SEO

Google’s Twitter account is ranked above its other services and products.

The speculation is true!!! Twitter is on a role.  I was out of my breath almost.  I wanted to know the reason. My newsletter spilled the beans-

Google Says “Starting today, we’re bringing Tweets to Google Search.”

That was a silver lining for me. Being a social media addict, I thought, after years of hits and misses of SEO exercises, I have got a known turf with the ball in my court.

And, I was wrong. I increased my amount of tweets. But my twitter page never made an entry into the coveted list of search engine ranking.

Later, I was able to turn the table. I used Twitter in a better way and achieved high SEO rewards.

Have you also tried to win the SEO with your tweets but failed miserably? Know my story to change the course right now. It consists of mistakes I committed and lessons I learned.

My First Mistake :- I did not ask a simple question- Why Google is showing Twitter feeds?

As soon as I came across the Google and Twitter engagement news, I logged in my twitter account and then waste my time and energy with meaningless tweets.

I know you are smart and you should know the open secret- Why two of them shook their hands?

Because Google wants to serve more new and relevant content. Twitter with it’s popular and highly active micro-blogging platform and timely posts, feeds the food what Google is craving for- the “Real-Time” or “Live” content.

Every user in the search engine looks for updated information. Google’s partnership with Twitter ensures their satisfaction.

What does Google gain?

A privileged access to the Twitter’s firehose, the repository of live tweets. Firehose gets updated with 9,000 tweets per second. Now think about Google’s profit and your competition.

I did not think about the competition.

That was My Second Mistake. 

I was unaware of that firehose and less bothered about those spine-chilling stats. I keep on posting fruitlessly and in one sunny morning, I asked myself-

“Where are the tweets? Why my twitter account is not visible in Google search results?”

A setback and I went cynical. I thought it is just a speculation without solid substance. How can tweets determine my ranking? Then, I saw a stat-

Twitter Improve SEO

A confirmation much needed. I put my twitter account, my number of tweets, my hashtags and everything under the scanner. I discovered I have made a series of mistakes for my downfall. Let’s know them one by one. I know you will not repeat them-

My third Mistake-

One of my biggest mistakes was not to SEO my Twitter User Name.

My twitter user’s name was a random one. It had no connection with my website neither relevant to my business profile.

You will never do that. Keep and maintain a username in sync with your website, brand name and other social media profiles. Google hates anonymity and confusing profile.

Useful SEO tips- Never put any number in your username and handle. Best option is to use a dash between two words. A perfect twitter user’s name is- @John_blogger.

My Fourth Mistake

It was a shameful and a costly one. I made a big mistake by not making an Impactful Twitter Bio. We get 160 characters to tell us about ourselves and I wasted every single one of them.

In my road to amendment, I met a saviour. His name is Neil Patel and his recipe of Twitter Bio is-

  • Accurate – your bio should include your short professional description.
  • Exciting – write something creative. Try using wording that is not boring.
  • Targeted – incorporate information about your niche.
  • Flattering- include one accomplishment.
  • Humanizing- throw in your hobby.
  • Intriguing- add one interesting fact or feature about yourself. Connected to your business’s website or another social profile.
  • Follow them to build an engaging Twitter bio.

Here is a clue for you.

Twitter Bio- Twitter can improve SEO

Look at our username. It echoes our brand and business identity. Our twitter bio defines us in an exciting way. And we did a bit of promotion too. First our company URL and second our Facebook URL. We wanted to ensure people know more about us. And we provide them our founder’s link. It’s simple, clear and impactful.

My Fifth Mistake

I did not Promote My Twitter Profile. I left it where it was and was busy to post tweets after tweets. You are not committing that mistake. Right?

Tell people you have an awesome Twitter account. Post a link of your twitter account at your website home page, your landing page, your email newsletter and every possible place worthy of promotion.

Tell them why they should follow your twitter account. In result- Google’s users will have a comprehensive idea about you, your business and brand, in whatever platform they encounter you. Most importantly, your tweets will not go unnoticed. With more notice, you will gain more popularity and with more popularity, you will draw Google’s attention.

Aha!!! What a beautiful chain of reaction…

My Sixth Mistake

I overlooked the key SEO factor or to sum up- Link Building Activities.

Whatever you are posting, be it an image or a blog post, try to direct your twitter visitors to your website with a link. It will boost your website visit. With more users at your website, you will gain Google’s attention.

Remember, your website should provide a link back to your Twitter account. Mutual linking will benefit both your twitter account and your website.

My Seventh Mistake

Amid thousands of tweets, I abandon Keywords in my twitter post. Yes, you read it right. Twitter posts integrated with keywords can give you high SEO ranking.

But, hey is not twitter post just about 140 characters?

Right, and there problem pops up his head. You need to play a subtle balancing game. Without right keywords, your tweets will not gain Google’s notice. Think about how many tweets are there posted in a single second.

The task is simple. Stand apart from the crowd by being a part of crowd.

Initiate a needful research. Figure out impactful keywords which are associated with your business, brand. Play along with them.

It is also necessary to keep an eye on the trends and twitter’s favorite topics. If possible, mould your tweets as per the trends.

It sounds lame marketing idea but if your tweet gets fit, you can win Twitter for the time being. In consequence, there are high chances that Google will give you a better ranking for being temporarily relevant. Do I need to explain the parallel benefits of the course of the action?

Did I make too many mistakes? However, I am open to them as long as they teach us valuable lessons. Here are my outcomes from the mistakes I committed-

1. Be Patient:– I may sound like a spiritual guru. However, truth is that a better Twitter management or to put it in a better way- “A search engine friendly twitter management” will not make you a Google hero overnight.There are bigger players, eminent brands with higher authority and innumerable tweets/ seconds.

Bottom line- it will take time. Be consistent. Tweet smartly and hit right aim with every single post. Sooner or later, perks will follow.

2. The Power of Hashtags:– Welcome the great determinator of twitter success. Hashtags act like the keywords for your each tweet.

Here is what Twitter thinks about hashtags-

“People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter search.”

How will hashtags give you attention?

Well, hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

There is no question to avoid hashtags. If you want to have better SEO results through Twitter, you have to win Twitter first with your impactful hashtags.

3. How to use hashtags:-

Twitter has listed key guidelines-

  • You cannot add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag, or it will not work properly.
  • If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet.
  • We recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet as best practice, but you may use as many hashtags in a Tweet as you like.
  • Type a hashtagged keyword in the search bar to discover content and accounts based on your interests.

4. Earn Retweets not likes:- To be honest, the number beside that love sign (Twitter Like Indicator) is not that significant for Google ranking. Though it informs Google about your tweet relevance but “Retweets” plays more important role.

Retweets constantly reminder Google about a particular tweet’s worth. More retweets will double up a specific tweet’s exposure in the social circle.

In result, Google takes an immediate notice towards that tweet in search of a real-time and live information on that particular topic made by the users.

5. Keep increasing your Followers:- This is one pivotal lesson that I learned and like to pass on you. Forget the SEO game and our highly competitive marketing challenges, Twitter is a platform built for social interaction. Is there any better pleasure if our social engagement gives us all our SEO perks and marketing gifts?

Here is an interesting stat pointing out the significance of followers to impress Google.

twitter improve seo



Your followers will be your loyal social mouthpiece. Keep trying to engage them with better content and unavoidable keywords. Compel them to retweet and give you valuable link back. Make them your biggest asset to win Google. If not now, then tomorrow for sure.

Want to grow your followers? Keep an eye on our blog section.

                                                           The Biggest Lesson

If you are looking for an evergreen SEO benefits from Twitter, this is not your platform.

As I mentioned earlier, Google is looking for real-time, live information. Try to fit into that shoe. Your each tweet is valuable. In the longer run, they will build a good authority for your twitter account and your brand.

But, it does not mean that you will be featured by Google every time you make a tweet. To achieve that you have to raise your head amid the live stream of tweets every hour with your awesome tweets.

Here, your content will play the biggest role. Try to please Google with relevant information. Know the trend and shape up your tweets using them as keywords.

Do you think the task is challenging? Trust me, it was a daunting one initially. Once I decoded the keys that I have passed you right now, the game becomes a more engaging. So, fasten your seat-belt mate.

Talking about mistakes, I am not scared of them. I am scared of not taking a step and not executing the lessons learned from them. I am optimistic about your SEO success based on my Twitter optimization tips learned in hard way. Tell me if I have committed a mistake again by showing my faith on you?

Image Courtsey- pixabay, twitter. Stat Courtesy 


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I am an enthusiast entrepreneur leading an entire entourage of 'Digital Age' that services in anything WordPress and Internet Marketing. I call this dream project - The Grey Parrots. Which not only by name but also by fame are the learned ones.

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