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The BIG Facebook Tabs Riddle Resolved

facebook tabs

Ben Parker did not say it all in Spiderman. Undoubtedly, he was right in metamorphosing peter’s psyche- “with great power comes great responsibility”. But, he did not cast light on confusion that comes from sudden power and responsibility.

Now, as we are mortals and often tear up chips’ packet than chasing goons in midnight, we surely don’t know how to deal with power, responsibility and the uncle Parker’s gospel.

Take the “Tab section” in a facebook business page as an example. Multiple options and scores of opportunities. In short, the problem of plenty. That either leads to stalemate business promotion or miscalculated marketing strategies.

So, what is the solution? How can you select the right facebook tabs for your business? Let’s tab on the best options-

1. Service Tab: Use well, Facebook tabs can give you leads, conversion and loyal fans. Whenever, someone visits your Facebook page, they will have details on your portfolio.

Adding a service is no brainer. All you have to do is to write short description and keep adding images.


A well optimized Facebook service page-


Is it for you?

Imagine you run a healthcare institution. You have just opened a new healthcare service for heart patients and want to inform people about your initiative. Facebook service tab is the best option to gain attention.

The finance organization, education (fresh course), travel & tourism (information on new travel packages), hospitality industries (new openings) are the one who can do wonder with this tab.

Though we have repetitively mentioned new ventures but there is no cold rules. You can always promote any of your services. Be it the fresh initiative, your USP or the one old service you want to rehaul. Promotion is your end goal and the service tab will promote you directly before your fans.

2. Shop:

It is a social media storefront for your products.But, be aware of the catch. You can not promote and sell any digital goods through Facebook shop tab as per Father Mark’s guidelines. Despite that, the Facebook shop tab is pretty powerful e-commerce device.

Seamless navigation, short product description, convenient communication process and a quick message to merchants- Facebook shop will create a mini shop for your visitors over just few clicks.

Is it for you?

If you have lifestyle, utility products or any other goods not violating the Facebook guideline, the Shop tab has all the potential to be your goldmine.

Give name your products, add appealing images, share price and write an engaging description. You can also give discount on your products plus share the product simultaneously on your facebook page.

First task. Let’s decorate your store-


When buyers will complete the shopping process, you will receive a message-


Image Source

Facebook shop will give you insights to understand your shop’s performance. You will have details on how many views, clicks and purchases each product has.

E-commerce giant Amazon is using Shop tab right at the top of their Facebook page.


3. Booking/ Sign Up:-

There are 1.23 billion daily active users on average for December 2016. A stat to introspect-


Stat source

Hooping figure for any business opportunities. Question is are you using right tab to trigger action from them?Booking and Sign Up tabs are a viable option here. The objective is simple. Send your visitors to your website page where they can contact with you and avail your service. It’s a one-way process stimulating direct response from your targeted customer.
Is it for you?

A lucrative tab for business demanding a cautious step. Take a pause before adding this tab at your Facebook page. You can aim website promotion through this tab but we would suggest you to serve a definite purpose via this tab.

There is no point to frustrate your visitors by sending them to any irrelevant page just for having some new page views where they can not perform any beneficial task.

Is it for you?

Musicians, comedians can use this tab to get booking for their gigs. Insurance experts, accountants, investment analysts can directly get more support seekers through just a simple “Book Now” tab at their Facebook page. Transport business is another service that has huge potential to cash in more customers here.

Let’s browse some popular industry examples where these tabs are used-



4. Events: I need your answer on this. What has given Facebook so much love from everyone? One simple reason is that there is something for everyone around the blue and white wall of world’s most popular social media network. Take “Event” tab as an example.

It allows you to create a promotional message for your upcoming seminar, stage performance or any program and draws audience straightway.

Thoroughly professional, the Facebook event tab has so many options to optimize it for a grand promotion of your program including selling event tickets. Here are the options that you must utilize-

  • Name Your Event
  • Write a clear & Thorough Description
  • Use Facebook Recognized Venues
  • Use an eye-catching event photo
  • Use keywords for tags
  • Set an end time


Have you noticed the “Ticket” option? This is the section of generating some lead. Just post the URL of the ticket source and let your customers have access to the program.

Is it for you?

Event has no boundaries. Every business across industries can organize a program and create an event page.

An event is bread and butter for the artists. So, the entertainment and the mass media will have the larger interest here. But, if you want to use it for new product launch, awareness program, seminar or promote yourself as a speaker, the event tab is a must have for you. The rich insights, likes, interest and attending metrics will give you great viewpoint of your event popularity and success.

Iconic Rock Band Metalica is using the event tab to inform their fans about upcoming tours-

facebook tabs

5. Notes:

This is the one tab which will put your marketing strategies under litmus test as you can use it for different business goals.

Before that, what is Note?

A note is a white interface to present your content in a beautiful way. You just have to add image and text to create a note. General Facebook posts often look cluttered and go missing in the middle of two sidebars.


Note gives your message open space and better reader-friendliness.


Is it for you?

Ever since it’s launching, the blogging platforms and the media are using the tab. Just a click over the post and the readers will have access to your content in a non-cluttered interface. Let’s have a look-


So, what are the options?

Give a boost to your blogs: Forget old days of posting a blog link. Let them read right in Facebook.

Write a note summarizing your latest blog post and give a link the original post. A simple strategy to drive traffic back to your website. You can also play with the content and create a supplementary content for your blog and send the readers to your blog post for more detailed insights.

Facebook Note tab can go beyond just sharing content-

Flaunt your product: Create a note to introduce a new product or service, and link it to the landing page on your website for that product or service. Also, post notes to inform your fans of important news about your business or industry, as well as update customers on a current situation or crisis your business is handling.

Make Notes your News broadcaster: You can use Facebook Note as the newsroom option for you. You can post notes to inform important news of your business and industry to your fans. Plus one can update customers on a current situation or crisis your business is handling.

But, there are some serious backdrops to use the Facebook Notes-

1. All of the benefits of your content marketing (traffic, backlinks, social shares, etc.) would be directed to Facebook instead of your website.

2. Your content will have zero customization option. Inside your website, you can add pop-ups, sidebars, main menu, images, videos to make your content more diversified and action-driven. The facebook Note has no such benefits. You can just add an image at the top of the post and an option to include a text link back to your website and hope people click through.

So, here comes one simple question. Why should you use it?

If you have any message to get delivered in a better way, this is the best option for you.

Grab the ball and shoot:

Look, Facebook is no Orkut and will continue to rise. One very reason is their relentless experiment . Be it acquiring WhatsApp or introducing new features, Mark Zuckerberg has bigger plan for Facebook. So, it’s better to stay active and keep playing.

However playing and winning are two different things. Your triumph will depend on your adaptability to introduce new promotion strategies and reap the benefits from them.

Facebook tabs will always provide equal opportunities for everyone. Your strategies around them will make the tabs useful device for your Facebook promotion and converting it into a sales funnel.Figure out what will work for you and start weaving conversion nets around your customers.


Sushobhan Pal

Football, WordPress, Food, Music

Sushobhan Pal is a WordPress enthusiast, consultant, developer, serial blogger, a passionate biker and electronic gadgets freak. His passion led him to cofound this website. Outside the IDEs, he loves to share his ideas, experiences and meticulously earned knowledge of WordPress, Ecommerce, Moodle. Apart from the bike, his tinkering with electronic gadgets has contributed profusely to our local e-waste recycling center.

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