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What will be the impact of Apple AirPods, the Voice Search Catalyst on your business?

What do you think of the revolutionary Apple AirPodsAre they not just for awesome music experience or hassle free phone calls. But, Apple has produced them for something bigger and better. 

Have you noticed the highlighted part of the landing page where Apple has silently pushed the ball of “Voice Search”? 

Apple together with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are leading us towards more seamless web experience, THE VOICE SEARCH,  free from the use of your exhausted fingers.

Question is – Will the new voice search affect your business?

voice-search-seo-2No doubt it will. With new web experience, customers will go for more voice searches. A new system of search query that your business must adapt to survive and usher in success.

To be precise- You Need a Fresh SEO strategy called “Voice Search SEO Optimization.”

The Phenomenon called Voice Search

Statistics predicts, By 2020, 50% will be voice search.

What does it mean for you, Mr. Entreprenur? 

If things fall in place, by 2020, your prospective customers will no more type in keywords in search engines (Google or Bing). They will ask Siri, Cortana or Google Now or Google Assistant for the “Nearest Restaurant”, the “Address of the theatre”, or they will ask “What is the Price of Black Formal Shoe” and so on…

Ask yourself, does your business have enough SEO fuel to be the result of their voice queries?

Will the Siri, Cortona or Google Now come up with your service or product name/information against voice queries?

What Do People Search in Voice Assistant? 

There are a set of queries which are asked mostly for Voice Search-

  • Personal Assistant — Shopping lists; calendar events; appointment reminders; to do lists; making phone calls; online bookings; dictating and sending texts.
  • Fun and Entertainment — Listening to and buying music; interactive games and social media; searching and accessing video; sports schedules; TV listings.
    General Information — Web search; recipes; news; banking and finance; travel.
  • Local Information – Restaurants; shopping; directions; home services; pizza; weather; reviews; local events; traffic.

Go Local To Get The Benefits of Voice Search

Your enterprise or startup might have a plan for global expansion, but if you want profit from Voice Search SEO, going local will save your hour and bucks. People want the instant service and product in their voice searches.

Voila!!! voice-search-and-seo-3Local Information has taken a modest pie among all the voice queries- What do you see? Local Information acquires 22% of the voice searches. Imagine placing your product or service around that 22% queries. 

But, how can you optimize your business for both Local and Voice searches? If that’s the question pops in your head, why don’t you follow the blog. We have answered every query and spill the secrets of local voice search SEO optimization. 

Optimize your keywords

A sigh of relief. Voice search optimization will not ask for complete overhaul and keywords have still one BIG YES here. But, you have to understand the nature of voice searches to set your keywords.

Voice Search is more human less machine

The device that is feeding you answer is not just a machine for you, it’s your personal assistant. Hence, your queries are more elaborate and not merely keywords.

If you run an Indian cuisine restaurant in the California, your prospective customers will not just type Indian restaurant. Rather they will ask “What’s the Indian restaurant in California” or they can go for more precise query like- “Where can I get butter chicken in California?”

It is important to strategise your keywords which can provide exact information that the voice search assistant is looking for to answer the query.

Below data will help you to plan and place your keywords-

  • Specific and Direct Valuable Content:– Your content should be direct, specific and informative. If there is a query for your store address, be specific. If someone wants to know the price of your new product, provide it now. Rather than writing keyword-rich content, you should create and deliver valuable content by addressing any questions or concerns your audience may have.
  • Long tail keywords:- In order to win the voice searches, one must opt for long tail keywords. Text searches are around 1-3 words, more or less it’s keyword centric. Whereas, the voice search is longer through the tail as users are framing their queries through questions and looking for an instant and direct information.

Imagine your e-commerce store sales “All Star Converse shoes”. voice-search-and-seo-4Your users will ask their voice search assistant- “Where can I get all star converse for women?” Now to cash in here, you must strategize your long tail keywords around below options

Get into the shoe of Customer

You need to know your customers. What are they actually looking for? What’s their requirement and how can you fit in there?

Have you ever head of 5 Ws? Journalists often use them to flash out more information. Use it now.

The 5 W Rule:- Most of the voice search queries are centred around questions. What, When, Where, How and Who searches dominate voice searches.

Following the pattern, Your All Star Converse Shoe customers will want information-

1. What’s the price of the White All Stars Converse for women?
2. Where can I get White All Stars Converse for Women?
3. When the White All Stars Converse sale will start?

And so on…

Imagine yourself as the customers, form and ask all the relevant questions around your brand with long-tail keywords (mostly specification of your products) and rewrite your content with a goal to provide direct information.

Know About Query of Your Product in Your Locality

To be frank, the 5 W’s rule is for the beginner. If you want to know what will be the prospective searches for your brand/service, you better dig in the keywords research tools to what are the queries/ keywords that they have put in mainstream searches (Google and Bing) till date.

Prime keywords will not change though it can be longer in tails and come up with 5 W prefixes.

We have run a keyword research voice-search-and-seo-5with Converse All Star Shoe. And we find this-
Statistics predicts, By 2020, 50% will be voice search.


Converse All Star Shoe leading the chart with high volume and high value.

Next task is to research the density of the used keywords in your locality. This research will help you Local SEO optimization.

We go to the Google Trends to research with the keyword Converse All Star.voice-search-and-seo-6

We choose the United States as the location and set the timeline of Past 90 Days to get the information in Shopping segment against our keyword. We find the Converse All Star has a stable interest around that area for that time frame.

To get a better understanding of “Local Interest against that keywords” we look at the subregion where the keywords have been used heavily for past 90 days.


You will always have options to know the regions where people have used the keyword to buy a product or get a service.

Next come the “Related Queries”. voice-search-seo-8Here, we have found that, “Converse Shoes” and “All Star Shoes” are two most popular searches that have been used by the people to buy a pair of All Star Converse Shoe.

Be More Specific

To give you more idea of the keywords density in more specific zone, we set the place at “California” and leave the rest of the queries same-


Why we do this?

We want to know the places voice-search-and-seo-10in California or nearby areas which are using the keywords more-

Now, with such customer behavior information in hand, you can form an SEO campaign which will benefit both of your Voice and Local Search optimization.

Two Mantras For Local Voice Search SEO Optimization

For optimization, you need to extract information for-

1. Your Customer Queries (Voice Search Optimization Process)
2. Specific Locality ( Local SEO Optimization)

If you follow our path, you can come up with effective keywords like- “Converse All Star shoe in California”, or, “Converse All Star Shoe for women in California.”

You can also try “Cheap Converse All Star Shoe for Women in California’. Such keyword conjugation will help you to grow your traffic for voice searches, and become the answer of local queries. 

The more you think yourself as the customer, the more you research for most used keywords in your business areas, there are high chances that you will win both the local and voice search race.

But there is a catch.

Get into listing NOW

There is no way around. If you want to be the answer of voice queries like- “Where will I get All Star Converse Shoe”, go and register to local business pages. To provide direct instant information, voice search assistants mostly look forward to the listing. Amazon’s Echo draws information from Yelp listing and pass them through the Bing search engines.

Google My Business is a suitable option. But do not forget to fill in with relative information which will help the search engines to identify your business.

But Remember-

Reading so far, you must have a wish to restrategize your SEO campaign to optimize it for local and voice search. All the Best. But, remember few things.

1. There is no tool available right now to identify the voice queries of your possible customers. Therefore, research and more research will be your biggest tool.

2. No need to abandon your traditional SEO campaign. Here is a clear guideline from MOZ on the relevance of the conventional SEO campaign.

What’s your take on new voice search SEO phenomenon? Are you ready for optimization or will you sit patiently for further expansion? Let us know or take a decision. By the way, have you talked with Siri through Apple Airpods? Let us know with your valuable tweet here- @TheGreyParrots 

Image Credit- Pixaby


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