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WordPress Plugins for Inbound Marketing Unplugged

As a WordPress web developer, tackling countless websites for 6 and a half years, I’ve seen customer’s priorities change over time. Still stuck on PPC, Email Blasts and banners for digital marketing? Brace yourself, because the current rise of online marketing trends will blow your mind.
Keeping up with these inbound marketing tactics, I’ll tell you how to turbocharge your blog/site with useful WordPress plugins.

Sales Pressure of Inbound Marketers

Breaking Old Habits

Yesterday’s online marketing strategies are as old and dry as hay. Now marketers go to weird length for driving inbound traffic. While playing with themes and plugins is OK, play your digital marketing cards safe, since some attempts sink and some, do swing.

In the old days, people bought ads, email lists of prospects, and kept obscenely prying for leads to increase sales. Life was easy when pop-up ads and classifieds were an ideal go-to for startups. Even service-focused automated articles submission used to be at a marketer’s hot list. Now customers just don’t pay attention that way. With 200 million people on US national Do Not Call Registry, the picture is pretty clear.

People hate being disturbed

Published by Dadaviz


People hate being disturbed. Given the current scenario, outbound sucks.

Converting Your WordPress Website into an Inbound Marketing Wizard

Now with eCommerce in full swing, marketers use WordPress blogging/site to PULL consumers instead of PUSHING people to their company and brand. Engagement is the soul-storming buzzword. Value-adding interaction is the basic hook. But, how to engage strangers when they don’t have the time to click and stare? Inbound marketing options are limitless. Email-marketing (subscription-based), social media, webinar attendees, guest posting etc. But you have to do it right.

By aligning WordPress plugins functionality with the specific interests of customers, create interactive tools and cook some conversion juice sooner than later.
Thirsty for some…?

3 Must-have WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing

Inbound or outbound, here’s why content marketing is still worth it.


Importance of Content Marketing

Reported by Demandmetric.com


As content marketing takes flight in 2015, WordPress has become an apple of every marketer’s eyes as an ever-expanding content marketing tool.

  1. Inbound Marketing Trend #1 SEO-Driven Content Creation
    Look for Queries that People Look for. Search Engine Optimization is more user-focused. With accurate Meta and Link elements packed in your site, Google can correctly index all pages. It finds posts and pages without difficulty when you add XML Sitemaps functionality to them. Page analysis for modern SEO trends also essential to automatically analyze your meta description, headlines etc (Pardon a sprinkle of tech lingo) Thanks to WordPress SEO by Yoast, a quick and easy fix for up-to-date SEO and content suggestion, now even a beginner WordPress user can answer questions that prospects are asking about her/his industry or product.
  2. Inbound Marketing Trend #2 Landing Pages Strategy & Call to Action
    Dell takes advantage of nearly 1,000 landing pages. Why? Conversion rate of those pages are three times more than the company’s common webpages. Of course, the ultimate aim of your site is to make sales. But, 96% of visitors are skeptical about your product. Comfort is the key factor behind every purchase. So, the best landing page plugins for website are specifically designed to make customers comfortable about your services. (Eg. share information for future email).

    Dell Landing Page

    Ideally inbound: Dell’s landing page aimed at inspiring users to reach them

    WordPress Landing Pages comply with the best inbound marketing practices to drive leads into your sales funnel in an organic way. (Strangers>>visitors>>customers) When combined with WordPress Calls to Action, this plugin is an essential kit for your site to grow business online with a/b testing analytics.

  3. Inbound Marketing Trend #3 Tracking Leads
    Knowing your audience’s demography is paramount to understanding their values and needs. Gone are the days when a fake lottery win message used to draw hundreds of internet users. With a lead tracking plugin for WordPress, you can actually user insight (geography, social media profiles/search queries) to help them find what they’re looking for around the web.

Now that you have created a value-adding content, and a SEO friendly WordPress site, it’s time to rethink your audience engagement strategies for the coming months. Is it too difficult for your target viewers to reach? You won’t imagine how many callers from small business to corporate enterprise flood us with queries as, “I have a great site, but people aren’t paying attention.” “I’ve spent countless hours on this site, but still, people aren’t engaged the way I want to.”

Truth is…no plugin can solve an online marketing problem immediately. But these high-trending WordPress plugins can convert a shareable piece of content into a customer-magnetizing marketing platform in the long run.

Top WordPress Plugins to Power Customer Engagement

Keeping up with the latest business engagement techniques and tools, interacting with your customers/partners is no big hurdle these days. Below are the WordPress plugins to boost your on-site engagement.

Inbound Marketing Tips for Social Media, SEO and Lead Capture

    1. Online form-fill ups can be a real drag to your web guests sometimes. Not when the registration route is clear. Creating custom forms, taking a survey or requests for price quote are great ways to engage your visitors. With Woocommerce Request a Quote, sending an email (customers’ requested estimate) to your online shop is a breeze. Gravity Forms is also a safe bet to custom-make forms. Inserting a user-friendly form in your WordPress site by copying a short queue of codes into the WordPress editor doesn’t get easier than this.

      Contact Form

      Fastway Couriers Australia’s quote form for estimating cost and delivery time

    2. Tired of those never-ending throng of junk mails from sites you visited, like, ages ago? Newsletters don’t stand a chance unless more innovative and less loud these days.
      Newsletter is a vital part of recent email marketing tactics to keep in touch with your site’s subscribers. With WordPress newsletters plugins, both list-building and email-tracking help fine-tune an integrated marketing platform to build a bridge between your brand and customers. MailPoet is a nice autorespond and automate plugin for WordPress. Inbound strategy advice? Send consumers what they want.

      Forbes Newsletters

      Forbes adds value to its subscriber’s experience in daily newsletters campaign

    3. Social Apps: Unless you leave inside a cave, you already know that social media are heartthrob in today’s market. With social media overtaking adult content as top activity on web, it’s crazy NOT to give it some serious attention. With WordPress plugin for social media, you can grow a solid online presence to do both—circulate content and seek opinions in every platform. A Disqus comment-enabled blog makes way for feedback and community-building. Digg Digg keeps all your social profiles in one page, it’s also a good plugin for a visitor to show you some love via tweet/share!
    4. Still playing on your own? Membership, Surveys and chat are powerful tool to skyrocket your wordpress site engagement. While Membership 2 converts your old, lone WordPress website into an easy-to-approach membership site, WP event management plugin allows your users to take part in online quizzes, surveys and polls. Nowadays multiple choice questions are real head-turners.

Rate our Service makes a nice attempt to generate feedback

In the concluding part of this article, we’ll find out some of the WordPress plugins for Revenue generation, Website Maintenance & Integration and Multi-channel Marketing.

Sushobhan Pal

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Sushobhan Pal is a WordPress enthusiast, consultant, developer, serial blogger, a passionate biker and electronic gadgets freak. His passion led him to cofound this website. Outside the IDEs, he loves to share his ideas, experiences and meticulously earned knowledge of WordPress, Ecommerce, Moodle. Apart from the bike, his tinkering with electronic gadgets has contributed profusely to our local e-waste recycling center.

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