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Why your Startup needs WordPress?

WordPress for Start Up


A famous proverb on Startup domain reads “Startup is always about 20% Idea and 80% Execution.”

That means your brilliant startup idea may not be fruitful unless you execute it brilliantly.

This is evident through massive failure rate of startup across all sectors. Here is a stat-

WordPress and Start Up                                                               Stat source- statisticbrain.com

That’s spine chilling. Right?

However, a cool website executing your brilliant idea can save you and your startup.

Here starts a confusion. In which way you should build your website?

There are a plethora of website interface are available in the market which will only double your confusion.

However, we will suggest you WordPress. The leading Content Management System is your ideal buddy to announce your entry into the digital marketing.

What does your startup website need?

The journey of a startup is always a challenging but wonderful one. It has no set pattern, no magic blueprint, no model strategy. The idea which gave some Steve Jobs market’s blessings and customer loyalty may not be fruitful to you and your startup.

Each startup is distinct from another.

So, how to judge the parameter of a successful startup?

Let us find the reason of failure for the startup. It will help you to strategise your dream startup website before getting down in the market. As they say “Prevention is better than cure.”

1. Facing the Ghost of Finance: Startup business always stumbles upon the finance. Access to early stage capital for an anonymous startup is a major issue. Be it the angel funding or assistance from any bank- gathering bucks for startup seems to be a futile effort in early days.

Here, the cost of a website needs to be as much minimal as it can be. For a young startup like you, there is no point to invest a bucket of money for your dream startup website.

2. Keeping up with the market: That’s a serious threat for any inexperienced startup. To cope up with the ever changing market, startup business needs to be flexible.

If needed, they must switch over to customer suitable payment option or change the website appearance for more traffic and conversion.

Though, sometimes it can be too much for any startup who has just stepped in the competitive digital market. However, with a flexible and dynamic website, they will feel at home.

3. Can your website complement your growth?: Congrats for your brilliant performance. Your startup is now rubbing shoulder with the established ones.

What about your website? Is it in tandem with your rising business? Has it been able to transform into a large product repository if your business is product oriented one?

Can your website cater service to maximum people instead of satisfying the need of earlier miser number of customers?

4. Are you the boss of your website?: Indeed, you have a cool website. Its’ appearance is pretty awesome. The functionality of the website is A class.

But, the question is can you handle it? If required, can you do little changes or add a new feature to add extra force to the business?

In today’s digital market, a good startup needs to be on toe always. There might crop up a situation when your developer may not be present to do the little but needful change. Can you survive the situation? Do you have that skill?

5. Is your startup website safe?: Running after all the profits and customer driving tricks, you may have missed the most important question.

So, here we ask “Is your startup website safe”? Can it survive the massive traffic? Is it resilient before all the bugs? Is your website content safe?

Very often, people overlook these small yet important glitches to run after bigger concepts and figures. However, for a startup, it is highly important to keep the basic things right for maximum growth.

To sustain in the market, to be relevant in the dynamic digital market, they need a flexible, cost-effective yet standard solution to ignite their startup dream.

 WordPress Solves Startup Problem

And, WordPress can be that flame. It is tried, tested website framework and enjoyed a high share of the market. WordPress has been used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016.

Let’s have a look at the muscle of the WordPress.

WordPress Start Up

Tell me how WordPress becomes a Startup Saviour:- 

1. WordPress is cost effective: Shed your financial concerns with the WordPress. Being a startup venture, raising fund is your first obstacle but if you choose the WordPress, you are having your website in absolutely free of cost.

Being an open source WordPress is free. It means you can use it with full freedom. Download it, install it, modify it, give it a shape to the website of your dream startup venture – take your first step with WordPress.

Even, if you want for more niche service and opt for some special plugins, don’t worry. WordPress offers a gamut of free plugins just for you.

Be it a Blog, Portfolio, Rating Website, Shopping store or an e-commerce- WordPress is suitable and best option for every kind of website.

And, don’t think you are comprising with the website quality, rather the opposite is quite true.

2. WordPress is Flexible: You stepped in startup venture with a set plan and idea. But, in midway, you feel to make some changes. What should you do?

Go WordPress. Powered by tons of themes and plugins, WordPress is here to shape your every idea and business models.

Need to change your website appearance? Or, looking for better payment gateway? Or, do you need to switch your payment model? WordPress meets all of your demand with a wide smile.

This is solely possible for the wide range of themes and plugins which can extend your website service and appearance at any given time.

3. WordPress is Compatible with your Growth:WordPress is a perfect website set up for any business regardless of its’ size. When your startup will fly high, WordPress will provide you assurance to complement with the large repository.

Have doubt?

Popular content based site like Tech Crunch (yeah, you have no sight problem) and product based site like Bata use WordPress. And, their profit is soaring high with WordPress. So, does yours? Why not opt for the WordPress?

WordPress Start Up

4. You, the Boss with WordPress: WordPress is highly user-friendly. Right from the installation to the time you launch your blog/website, WordPress gives you the freedom to use it in your own way.

That means you do not need to be a coding geek for day to day operation and quick changes of your business startup website.

And, then there is large WordPress community who will treat you like a family member and stand up in solidarity with your any problem at any time to fix them.

So, next time when your developer is not receiving your phone, just relax. But, before that you have to ensure your site is powered by the WordPress.

5. Your startup is safe with WordPress: You do not need to worry about your website security if you have chosen the WordPress. Developers of the WordPress are keeping a close eye on it.

Moreover, you will enjoy full control over your website content. WordPress allows you to own your data.

Being a secure publishing platform WordPress with it’s CMS backbone will never mess with your content, or allow anyone to do so. You own your data, from the product details to the latest customer contact details. Each byte, every byte.

Probably, that’s the reason reputed brand like SONY Music signs in sync with WordPress. What’s your status?

WordPress Start Up

That’s how WordPress makes and saves your startup. Wait if you think WordPress has played it’s all cards. The game has just started as WordPress has more bonus which will add wings to your startup.

More is guaranteed with WordPress

SEO: Written with compliance code WordPress will help you to rank better in Google search. Your startup does need these extra advantages. Right?

Set Up Complete e-commerce website: Most startups look forward to the e-commerce sector. WordPress knows it and offers a complete toolkit dedicated to e-commerce domain. The magical set up known as WooCommerce.

It is one stop solution for e-commerce foundation. Like the WordPress, it too offers an array of themes and plugins to make a powerful e-commerce startup.

Promotion is promised with WordPress: You can’t survive the digital market without the promotion. WordPress websites are easily integrated with social media framework. With the help of your desired social networking plugins, you can spread your message across social media easily and quickly.

Add Pop-Up to net more customer: As a startup, you have no time to relax and need to catch the customer from the word “Launch”. WordPress offers a potential plugin called Pop-Up. Through that plugin, you can convert your traffic into a loyal visitor by collecting their emails. 

Email Marketing:  The beauty of the WordPress is it’s planned set up. While your startup converts the traffic into a loyal customer, adding an Email Marketing plugin will help you to keep a healthy relationship with them. In result, your business will grow.

Responsive: In the world of competitive business, your startup needs extra push to spread your business. WordPress offers responsive design to realize your goal. It has been designed in such a way that it gets easily fit at all mobile screens.

Report says, ““Sales of consumer electronics on the web are growing smartly. Online sales of consumer electronics will climb from $48.6 billion in 2012 to $80.2 billion in 2016”.

You are not going to miss those extra revenues. Are you?

There is a myth that most of the startups are nip in the bud. With the WordPress, you can not only challenge the stereotype but break it’s monopoly too. We have belief in you. So, is your dream startup going WordPress?

Image courtesy- flickr, canva, WordPress.com, Pixabay


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