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Why we love these 5 WooCommerce plugins and you should.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce


Apology for dragging you to another post to lift your start up dream. And without a further ado, let’s spill the beans. WooCommerce is the solution of your problems.

There is a joke in TGP (We love abbreviations. LoL!!!)  developers room- We breathe WooCommerce.  Yes, beside the Oxygen, WooCommerce is our reason of happy and peaceful existence.

We love WooCommerce and Mark Forrester. Mark, the man behind billions of successful start ups and our big pizza bites.

And yes, for e-commerce solutions WooCommerce is a breather.

Why so?

Because, Taylor Swift banks on WooCommerce to merchandise.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

Reason not tailor-made for you? Ok. Let’s follow the blog to find more wonders of WooCommerce.

1. Convert visitors into subscribers:  Want to maximize the revenues?  Try WooCommerce Subscription Plugin.

  • Visitors can upgrade and downgrade their subscription plan.
  • Free trial is offered for their help.
  • Great range of billing schedules to suit requirement.
  • Over 25 payment gateways.
  • Even manual renewal payment gateway is offered along with automatic email invoices and receipts.
  • Built in notifications to notify the visitors.
  • Recurring payments are offered with Subscription plugin.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

Just what Kawaii Box has done. They offer hand picked Japanese and Korean kawaii items and has provided great freedom to their customers by offering different subscription plan.

2. Click and Book: Japan’s EYExplore Inc ,an organisation of travel photography in Japan relies on WooCommerce Booking to extend their service. Result has been impressive for the adventurous shutterbugs so far.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce start up

WooCommerce Bookings plugins has helped the tourists who have interest in photography to book online photography tours at EYExplore. The booking platform is easy and user friendly. Credit goes to hassle free system of the booking plugin. This powerful plugin-

  • Can be used to sell both time or date based booking.
  • It also provide custom email notification.
  • Managing booking (both filtering or extending) is easy from WordPress admin.
  • Visitors can make bookings directly on the site.
  • Resources are global and can be applied to multiple bookable products.
  • Calendar can be integrated with Google Calendar.

A great site to visit  Japan’s EYExplore Inc needed a strong booking infrastructure to handle passionate photographers cum tourists around the world. Their choice of WooCommerce Booking plugin has been proven to be a smart one.

3. Send customized mails: Surprise has to play a big role in any relationship. Our love affair with WooCommerce has no dearth of it. Thanks to multiple surprises that it offers every now and then. One such was MailChimp Plugin.

We too have been a fan of MailChimp but never thought about a beautiful reunion at WooCommerce platform.

So, what has WooCommerce to do with MailChimp?

  • Full integration between WooCommerce and MailChimp.
  • Opt-in checkbox on checkout, including options to customize text.
  • Automatically add customers to a MailChimp list.

It means-

1) Each time a customer places an order on your website, their name, address, email address and the contents of their shopping cart are added to the chosen list in your MailChimp account.

2) Customers data into MailChimp can be used to send targeted e-mails to on board, educate, and up sell customers.

3) Send an email or series of emails to welcome customers, educate them or suggest other related products automatically by creating a triggered work flow.

4) Trigger a series based mails on purchasing a specific product, a category or any other change to customer data.

With the help of the WooCommerce Event Selection . Vendors can lead their-
a) Subscribe customers to MailChimp after order creation .
b) Subscribe customers to MailChimp after order completion.

Take Fire-e-Training Institute as an example. We work on the project which was focused to guide young professionals with fire safety and inspection strategies. To get access the strategies and tutorials the students need to register to the site by paying for a course.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

WooCommerce MailChimp plugin plays here an important role with forwarding an automated mail to the new users about the course and consecutive mails about promotional or any discount mails.

4) Secure Payment through Stripe: Stripe is a superb payment gateway plugin and we often recommend it to clients if his/her native country supports it. What makes Stripe so cool?

1. Stripe is simple and user friendly.
2. Stripe is free from any hidden cost or timely fees.
3. Options are plenty with stripe. One can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards, even Bitcoin, directly on the store.
4. One is charged after earning money. The earnings are transferred to bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.
5. Most importantly, Stripe supports subscription extension and re-using cards making it a rewarding
experience for returning customers.
6. Strike does not record any sensitive credit card information. The data from customers computer goes straight to Stripes servers keeping their information safe. Security is guaranteed with the stripe.

And that’s why we did not think twice when A-List Greek Designs look for a secure payment gateway.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

A-list Greek Design produces some awesome jewelry and they have massive demand. We need to assure their payment gateway. Multiple card acceptance was the other option that we want to confirm. Stripe meets all our demands. Plus, the tight security of Stripe makes smile in our and client’s face.

5) Pick your language with WPML Plugin:  Now this is an interesting plugin which will raise eyebrows. Why a mere translating plugin is listed here?

What if you are eying for selling your product at global scale? Or, you have concentrated on a particular place to spread your commerce. WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin can be your savior.

With the help of this plugin one can-
1. Translate different kinds of WooCommerce product types .
2. It has central management base for translating product categories, tags and custom attributes .
3. The plugin automatically synchronizes product variations and images .
4. It also keeps the same language through the checkout process making the system super easy.
5. The plugin sends emails to clients and admins in their selected language .
6. It allows inventory tracking without breaking products into languages
7. The plugin enables running a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies.

Premium coffee roasters from Austria J. Hornig’s online store  has used the WPML plugin to spill more beans. And they brew some serious business.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

They are handling multi-lingual content through WPML and make it possible to reach to more coffee lovers. A pretty handy option to do wonder with your e-commerce.

And Apply App to hike sales:

No, this is not a WooCommerce plugin but gives magic touch to your e-commerce dream. Clueless? Have a look at the graphic.                                                                                                                                                              woocommerce plugin for e-commerceYes, you have spotted it right. It’s the story of mobile apps and strength. Research says mobile apps are leading the race of m-commerce. And it’s the best time to capitalize the profit. All you need to transform your site into an app. AppPresser is a great plugin for the course. 

What is AppPresser?

AppPresser is a powerful plugin allowing one to create a native mobile app for iOS and Android from existing WordPress site.

woocommerce plugin for e-commerce

One can publish the application in iTunes Store and Google Play. And if you have WooCommerce store, converting it to app is easy through AppPresser.

What more it can do?

1. Sending Push notification of your sales or promotion.
2. WooCommerce integration will allow visitors to view and purchase the product.
3. It works in offline mode. Through the plugin vendors can display separate content to app users when there is no internet connection.
4. Users can access to app through Facebook.
5. Visitors can further extend the service toward photo capturing and uploading them at WooCommerce store through The AppCamera extension.

Such wide range of facilities is the backbone of the AppPresser and it’s acceptance.

Will you or will you not?

That’s a long post, we know. But, once you will look at the perks of mentioned plugins, you will definitely be in our board, the “admirer” and user of WooCommerce.

And talking about breath, I badly need fresh air. So, goodbye from me. Meanwhile, if you feel for any further queries or interested to install any of the plugin, reach us here.

image credit- WooCommerce, slideshare,mikcx.com,alberon.co.uk 



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