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5 plugins you need to install for e-commerce startup

In our last blog, we talk about our client conversation. To be very frank, we love such session.

The experienced one comes up with well documented problems. However, the rookies are often lost.E-commerce, a challenging ground clutters entrepreneurs. “Give us a right plugin”, they air desperation.

Now, that is obscure. How do one know what is “right” plugin?

A plugin is supposed to make things easy by offering additional services to the core system. Definition says, “ A plugin is a software add-on that is installed onto a program, enabling it to perform additional features.”

However for the inexperienced startup brains, the word “easy” and “plugins” are antonyms.

Therefore, we never talk “plugins” with them but ask about their business goals. And, it helps to give them right plugins.

Experience has helped us to identify a section of areas to build a strong e-commerce platform. Curious to know about them.Read the blog before someone else draw your targeted customers from your nose.

1. Finding a better platform to keep visitors:

Your site looks amazing. The products are easily navigable. But, why the conversion rate is low?

In such cases we ask-

“What is your strategy to keep your customer at your site?” & “Will they be a member or avail a subscription based service? Or, you want them to book your product or service? ”

The ball is your court. But, a hasty decision can invite life long loss.

So, why not judge the Subscription, Booking and Membership opportunities first?

a)Why a Subscription plugin?

Because, Loyalty is guaranteed with subscription plugin. And the factors behind it are-

plugin for e-commerce site

1. Customer Friendly:

  • Hassle free purchase process.
  • One time visit is enough.
  • Availing products at desired location at desired schedule time.

2. Vendor Friendly: 

  • Recurring revenue as customers will pay at a fixed schedule.
  • Better product management as order is coming in advance.
  • Less wastage.
  • Zero retention spent for loyal customers.

3. Strong Vendor-Customer Relationship: 

  • Customers become loyal to service with regular/ interval purchase experience.
  • Constant feedback from customers provide valuable insights.

What features should the Subscription Plugin have?

  • Email integration for strong customer management and relationship.
  • Payment Gateway to secure financial transaction.
  • Content Delivery and Flexibility for timely promotion. Both drip and regular.
  • More option in billing to give vendor to select one of their favored one.
  • Multiple subscription options.

b) Grow customer base with Membership Plan:

We have just narrated the basics of a subscription plugin and now want you to read about another plugin to manage consumers? What we are up to? You are skeptical.

Well, we just want to give you more options to earn revenue.

plugin for e-commerce site

Why a Membership Plugin?

Consistent source of income: Members are your loyal visitors. They have interest in your product. Now, will you provide Free service to them or a Premium service – you will have final words.

Recurring Revenue: Membership plugin is an apt model for recurring revenue. Once the visitors become loyal consumers, you can earn revenues at your wish. Think premium my friend.

Greed is Good: Play smart and restrict content at your will. Make them greedy for more services and push towards premium membership.

Battle of Free and Premium: We talk about smart planning. To make most of it, you need to identify what will provide in “Free” category and which services will come under “Premium” membership.

What features should a Membership Plugin have?

You certainly don’t need my advice. Just ask these questions before going for a membership plugin.

  • What’s the size of your members?
  • Can it provide drip content scheduling?
  • Does it offer multiple options to manage members?
  • What payment options are available?

  c) Be a pro with Booking Plugin:

Have you made up your mind? Are you sure subscription or membership will be right plugin for your e-commerce? Wait till you know about booking model. Who knows, it can start a fairy tale…

plugin for e-commerce site

Why a Booking Plugin?

  • You can use it to sell both time and date based products.
  • Business opportunities are higher with 24*7 booking option.
  • Payment process is quicker.
  • Better insights to develop the foundation.

Features of a Booking Plugin should have:

  • 24*7 online booking facilities.
  • A sensible inventory system to manage your products/services where both you and consumers will have easy access to the content.
  • Automated Email options to send real time updates on their booking details.
  • Secure and wide payment structure to draw wide range of customers.
  • Support system for seamless management.

2. Strengthening your customer relationship:

A good website? Check.
Satisfying traffic? Check.

Now, what will you do?

Embrace Email Marketing if you want more traffic and sweet conversion.

plugin for e-commerce

How is it possible? Let’s find it.

1. Say ‘Hi’: Talk with your customers. Approach them with new products. Welcome new ones with eye-grabbing deals. Retain old customers with persuasive content.

Surprise them, please them, make them your fan- plenty is offered with email marketing.

2. Find, Aim and Make Profit : Make three words your lifelong friend. Know your customers first and then set target. Can you smell the success?

Chances of Return of Investment (RoI) has always been on higher side in Email Marketing. Is it too complex? Elementary my mate, elementary.

3. How to find your target? : That’s the question I was looking for. A powerful email plugin will provide you detailed analytic. Study them and zoom in your target.

That’s lucrative. Right?

But, How to select a good Email Marketing Plugin?

A good Email Marketing Plugin should have –

  • Secure database capacity to manage client’s information.
  • Automated mail function for successful targeting.
  • Segmentation facilities based on client’s demography and behavioral process.
  • Function to schedule mail campaign based on each subscriber’s related time zone.
  • Ready to use newsletter template for quick services.
  • Options to customize newsletters for those special offers.
  • The plugin should be mobile- friendly.
  • Extensive report card to understand the audience.

3. Securing Payment through Stripe: A secure payment is mandatory. It is the ultimate foundation that will run your business.

payment plugin for e-commerce

What features should a Payment Gateway have?

Comfortable Integration: A simple integration system will give relief to both the customers and vendors.

Security: Financial dealing always ask for extra amount of security measures. Hence you need to ensure your payment gateway does not leak out any information. Neither of you nor of your clients.

Better Analytic: Your payment gateway should provide enough insights so that you have better understanding of your performance.

Support System: A good support system from the payment gateway authority will help you to manage the payment gateway with ease.

4. Translate your business for better reach:

Business is all about courtship. You have to love your customers. Translate your love through a multilingual plugin.

Why do you need a Multilingual Plugin?

  • Your customer will feel special after getting website content details in their mother tongue.
  • It will translate your product details, content details and will do a makeover of your site.
  • A multilingual site will cater more customers by appearing the products as per the customers’ language choice.
  • It will help you and your site to earn more trust.
  • Your business makes a leap and becomes global from local.
  • Your business gets expanded beyond English speaking people.
  • You win trust of your customers.

multilingual plugin for e-commerce

There are multiple plugins available in the market to make your site multilingual. But, which one you will choose? Let us find out the criteria

User Friendly– It should provide hassle free experience. Both for you and your site visitors.

Furthermore, the plugin needs to be in sync with all the existing standard plugins of your site.

Multiple Language: A multilingual plugin should offer you adequate language selecting option. So that you can target areas where you want your business want to spread.

Support: Support is necessary to run a good e-commerce site. Are the plugin developers available round the clock? Please check that as you may feel for help any time.

Popular: We all chase the most loved ones. Right? Follow that principle even selecting a plugin. Don’t hesitate to read out the reviews before picking up your desired plugin.

Development: Be it WordPress or other e-commerce platform, sites are always coming up with their new and upgraded version. Hence, you have to be very sure the plugin gets regularly developed to support the latest platform.
5. Are you in trend or not?

app plugin for e-commerce

See the image. Do I need to say more? It is not confidential any more. The apps are controlling the e-commerce sector. Now, the question is-

Why do the apps have such supremacy?

 World is Mobile:  Be it buying the latest El Classico ticket or new Kung Fu Panda film, people bury their face in mobile, the 24*7 buddy.

App is a great platform to net those customers. Making your site mobile friendly has become too mainstream. If you want real business, make a dedicated app.

Hike sales through Push Notifications: This is a great weapon of running your business through app. Push notification will appear in screen with important sales and new promotional message. It is effective in local market.

Expand social sharing through App: Imagine, your customers are your advertisers. This is possible at great level through the app.

Social networking platforms in-built in app social media fanatics buyers into advertisers. With an image or a post, they will share your merchandise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Brand Building: App helps to build your brand in public domain. People will visit your virtual shop through app every now and then. Your e-commerce app will be a a part of their lifestyle.

To get all those advantages one need to select a perfect plugin.

How to judge the perfection?

 Integration: Does the app plugin integrate with your e-commerce store? Will it support all other existing plugin and the platform? If not, you have to find a better one.

Social Media Strength: Social media promotion is an instrumental part of e-commerce business. App just doubles that. Ensure yourself whether the plugin will allow extended social media integration.

Platforms: As an inexperienced entrepreneur you will not want to miss any of your potential customer. Right? Hence, check whether your transformed e-commerce site, thanks to the powerful plugin, will be compatible in android, iOs and Windows platform.

Flexibility: Your site has multiple options regarding designs and templates. Will your app have those? It depends on the plugin which will convert your site into app.

At the begging we talk about finding “right” plugin. But, we have just pointed out the areas which need “right” plugin. Feel cheated? Slam us.

Feeling well? Now, we are upto something very special for you. And that is regarded finding some “right” plugins for your e-commerce. Watch this space for more.

image credits:- growthsignal.com, dslivedata.in, aonewebmedia.com, transtoolbox.com, designmantic.com, uniecommerce.com, business2community.com.


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