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Make your new year resolution successful with WooCommerce. Part-1

Popular myth says new year resolution is taken to be broken. But, you have to be an exception. Your online store is at stake and you took the resolution of better sale and more revenue this year.

It’s the second week of the second month of 2017. Odds against your online store are still high and ascending. Is it possible to realize your resolution? You are clueless. Stop panicking and follow three simple steps-

First, change the perspective. It’s just the second week of the second month of 2017. You have still 300 days to turn the table.

Second, spot the issues. Don’t get worried. We have already done the research for you. Have a look-

  • Non-responsive online store
  • Cumbersome Website Design & poor Navigation
  • Stores without Search Engine Optimization 
  • Inflexible Payment Options
  • Recurrent shopping Cart abandonment:-
  • Lack of Personalization
  • Inadequate usage of analytics 
  • Unorganized Campaign and Promotions

Third, say “Hi” to WooCommerce– your one stop solution for all the issues that you have identified. Sounds close to your new year resolution?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the wonders of WooCommerce

1. Responsiveness of online store:-

Wake up!!! It’s 2017 and you do not have a mobile friendly website. Look at the below stat and start developing a mobile compatible website-



No doubt, Google is updating their search results behavior to cash in more users from new devices.



WooCommerce is aware of Google’s preferences for mobile-friendly websites.

Since 2011, WooCommerce is building responsive themes. Aesthetic and functional, the themes easily adapt themselves across multi-size screens.

So, here are the tasks at your hand. First stepTest the mobile-friendliness of your website here.

Don’t worry, if your online store isn’t responsive. WooCommerce has tons of themes to make your website fit for all devices.

WooCommerce storefront is one such beautiful theme. It is elegant, mobile-friendly, compatible with plugins and frequently updated to realize your business goals.



2. Website Design & Navigation:-

Cumbersome website design spoils the process of building website navigation. Professional WooCommerce themes are customizable, user-friendly and easy to build a buyer-friendly navigation. Have a look-

WooCommerce for ecommerce

Built in WooCommerce, the website of The Spectator has introduced a reader plus buyer friendly design and navigation. The homepage has featured both the news articles and their salable products-

Let’s dive deeper-


Look, at the menu section where they have incorporated  “Gifts” and “Subscribe” options.  Plus there is a “cart” option to feature your latest shopping. Hovering there, you will be taken to your latest shopping options-


Simple design with convenient navigation to ease the buying journey. Go deeper and you will find out minimal and effective navigation-


Galore of product options to pick their preferred product

WooCommerce-for-ecommerceEasy navigation for buyers to browse and shop

3. Search Engine Optimization:-

Forget other compelling factors, a non-SEO friendly website can drop your online store sales. Last year you experienced the result and this year till this moment- the tragedy continues.

Get rid of the pain with WooCommerce. Take the advantage of effective SEO plugins for WooCommerce to give your online store better ranking in related search queries. One powerful example is-

Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin & Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin :

When combined two plugins will work on-

  • Focus keyword and content analysis
  • Post titles and meta descriptions
  • Robots meta configuration
  • Readability check
  • Canonical
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Primary category
  • Permalink cleanup
  • XML sitemaps
  • RSS enhancements
  • Improve the sharing experience in social media
  • Exclude the unnecessary things from the sitemap

Yoast SEO plugin has a boatload of features to improve your website’s ranking. But, there are other plugin too that might have caught your imagination. Will you pick them?

Sure, why not. But, before selecting a plugin, you must consider their “Compatibility”, “Support”, “Usage/ Popularity” and “Updates”.

4. Payment Option:-

Shopping and selling are easy with a robust payment option. Many e-commerce stores suffer from payment related issues like

  • Lack of payment processing option
  • Complex process
  • Not flexible
  • Not applicable for cross country payment options.

Let’s talk about the plugins which are capable in solving the problems-

PayPal for WooCommerce :- If you want to make most out of the leading online payment media try this plugin. The robust plugin covers all the PayPal benefits-

  • PayPal Express Checkout / PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro 3.0 (DoDirectPayment)
  • PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 (PayPal Manager / PayFlow Gateway)
  • PayPal Plus (Germany, Brazil, Mexico)
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal REST Credit Card Payments
  • PayPal Braintree Credit Card Payments
  • Fully Supports WooCommerce Payment Tokens!

Stripe is another viable option-

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway allows to take credit card payments on your store. Using stripe will help to- accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and more cards directly on store .

There are other benefits of the plugin-

  • No Setup fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Merchants get charged when someone earns money
  • Earnings are transferred to bank account on a 7-day rolling basis
  • Stripe also supports subscription extension

5. Shopping Cart Abandonment:-

Converting the visitors to buyers is one perennial problem for the merchants. As per the statistics- worldwide, the shopping cart abandonment rate is 74.52%.

Here are the compelling factors-


Image Source

The first factor “shipping”, “tax” and “fees” is not dependent on web development process. But the next two issues are solved by WooCommerce.

Complicated check-out process. :- Modern day agile consumers demand easy & quick checkout process. Below plugins will do the needful.

WooCommerce Menu Cart:-
This plugin simplifies the entire check-out process by automatically displaying a shopping cart in the menu bar. Now, with that feature available, the buyers can quickly make a summary of their shopping.

WooCommerce Guest Checkout:-

No merchants will like to let go their buyers without acquiring contact, shopping behavior, order history. Though, buyers want fast shopping experience.

WooCommerce has a checkbox and allows users to proceed with shopping without login or creating an account. This is known as “Guest Checkout”.

Does your e-commerce store has a “Guest Checkout” option?

Isn’t it wonderful to find solutions? The complete e-commerce solution WooCommerce is loaded with all the tools and tricks to stimulate the sales of your online shop. Don’t worry if we have not discussed the other issues. Keep an eye on our blog section for more solutions and more sales.


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I am an enthusiast entrepreneur leading an entire entourage of 'Digital Age' that services in anything WordPress and Internet Marketing. I call this dream project - The Grey Parrots. Which not only by name but also by fame are the learned ones.

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