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Steve Jobs can save your e-commerce but you have to make it mobile friendly

In our college days, when we were not the learned ones, we used to swear by Steve Jobs. We debated a lot over him. Someone would argue, “Dude, he had revolutionized our mobile behavior.” Others were fan

Mobile Friendly Website of his awesome presentation skills. 

However, the eye-opener came from a not so talkative friend-  “I admire him as he knows what his customer wants and what will make their life easy.”

One hardcore mantra for a successful business venture.

Of late, we are saying these words to e-commerce merchants when we notice that “Their websites are not mobile friendly and missing a lot of traffic.” 

That is a serious mistake. Surveys are reporting that– 

Smartphones accounted for 45.1 percent of web-shopping traffic in the first quarter of this year, edging out computers at 45 percent. 

We all spend a lot of time, if not all the time, browsing mobile phones. As per Statista– 

By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world.

2.6 billion CUSTOMERS.

That’s a huge market. Any ray of hope merchants? And it is not the only reason to make a mobile-friendly e-commerce websiteThere are rewards for the merchants if they turn their website into a mobile friendly one and a definite punishment if they do not.

Know them here and take a step if you have an ignited passion like Steve Jobs.

Let’s Talk About Punishment First

Google will kick you out:-
How can you forbid Google’s announcement which reads- “Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.
In a nutshell, any websites which are not mobile-friendly or multi-screen friendly, will get a poor SEO rankings from Google. Now, to stay in the competition, the e-commerce merchants should build a responsive and adaptive website. Period.

However, you must have one question in your mind- Why Google is so obsessed with mobile-friendliness? 

Here are our thoughts that will help you to take a decision

  • Making it easy for customers:- Have not we talked about this? Google wants an easy customer journey in your mobile-friendly website- “From task conception, to visiting your site, to task completion.”
  • The Scene behind the Curtain:- Google is well aware of the present mobile fanaticism. And the search engine giant does not want forfeit their searchers who are using smartphones. To ensure that, the results or the e-commerce websites must be mobile-friendly. That’s the prime reason of Google’s love for responsive website.

And, it showed in their strategy. As per recent report, propelled by strong mobile advertising, Alphabet’s net income climbed 27 percent to $5.06 billion. Choice is yours. Will you make Google happy?

Got scared? Lift your mood with the definite prizes of a mobile friendly website- 

1. Buying is Easy :-

Put yourself in customer’s shoes. You will understand it’s relatively easy to make any purchase in mobile device. Navigation is faster with mobile-friendly website which makes the buying journey comfortable. Who does not make their customer happy? We do, will you?

2. Anywhere, Anytime:-

With mobile friendly website, one can reach to their customers anywhere and anytime. In a competitive e-commerce market, it’s mandatory to engage buyers as much as possible. With 24*7 accessibility, mobile-friendly website can draw more traffic and open the sales funnel at a higher rate. 

Good News!!! Statistics has shown that the average time spent on smartphones is ascending day by day- 

mobile-friendly-e-commerce-websiteThrough a mobile friendly website, they can shop in between playing games, browsing social media feed, checking e-mails. Merchants, can you see your marketing avenues? You just have to build a mobile friendly website to make yourself visible to enter into buyers’ smartphone daily routines.

Now, some Steve Jobs would be interested to sell his products/services through a medium where people are there. What about you?

3. Boosting Brick-and-Mortar Sales:-

We receive calls from grumpy merchants who want to sync online business with their brick-and-mortar store.


(One message from your brick-and-mortar store)

We say, let’s give an access of your online store through mobile devices to your customers. In short, make a mobile-friendly website. 

A research by Latitude showed that-

A vast majority of respondents – 88% – agreed that having a mobile device that could provide real-time information actually made them more spontaneous when shopping.

That sounds weird. Really!!! How can mobile-friendly website boost in-store sale growth?

Let’s introspect in Steve Jobs style that is Thinking from customer’s point of view- Customers generally use mobile and tablets-

  • To search for products/services anytime and anywhere
  • They gather information or compare products’ prices and benefits.

If their queries are satisfied, they will not waste time and quickly visit a brick-and-mortar store to buy without waiting for processing time taken by online stores.

4. More Power to Local Sales:-

When merchants ask, “What should we do to increase my local business?” We answer, “Go Mobile.” Why? Here, are the answers-

  • Higher Conversion:-

Local searches are made with definite purposes. mobile-friendly-e-commerce-websiteWhen people type in “Best Chinese restaurant in New York”, they are ready to go and dine there.

Here is an infographic showcasing the conversion chart of the local SEO .

Another breakthrough is that the search engine giant Google Shows Local Searches. Though started in 2009, the local search is relevant till date with little change. Now it shows three listings instead of seven.

Have you enlisted your e-commerce in Google Business Page without a mobile-friendly website? Do not committ such suicide. To sum up, we can say that- “Local SEO and Mobile are synonyms.

5. Double the Engagement:-

Any mobile or smartphone is a personal device. So, the mobile-friendly website is. Your customer will get more chances to engage with your products/services. Eyes rolled? Here is a list-

  • Click-to-Call:- Connect with your customer with a direct phone call? A mobile-friendly website will give you an advanced benefit of “Click-to-Call” option. A touch on the screen and merchants will have a direct conversation with the customer. Tell me, can a desktop website be so business-friendly?
  • Messaging App:- Messaging Apps are the latest magnets to pull more buyers. As per report, 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business. Only a mobile-friendly website with most popular messaging app features can accelerate your strategies through-Private Promotion with one to one conversation, Quick and direct communication with one single touch, Convenient customer feedback and customer support.

What about an app?

You must be wondering why we have not talked about the app so far? Look, app is a different game with just a similar appearance of a mobile-friendly online store. Indeed a native e-commerce app has loads of business possibilities but you need to understand the game before just hiring an android developer.

Worried and confused? Don’t be. Keep an eye on our blog section. We are about to come up with an in-depth analysis to help you to decide- “What do you need? A mobile-friendly website or an app?”

Till then, play the game in Steve’s way. Know the customer, understand their needs and centre your strategy around them. So answer me, what’s holding you to make a mobile-friendly website when customers are spending in mobile? Decide now.

Image Courtesy- Pixaby, Flickr, Infographic Courtesy- Smart Insights . Local Search  Infographic Courtsey


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