Multiple Platform

Leverage our expertise in WordPress, Joomla, Moodle and other web 2.0 platforms along with apps and systems integration to take your business to where you want to be.

Unique Solution

We devise tailor-made solution specific to your business which are scalable, organic and with optimized ROI which reduces your time-to-market

Fast and Affordable

We deliver the best possible solution within the identified scope, in a timely manner adhering to your cost and not compromising on the quality.

Why Choose Us

We are a team which has delivered more than 200 plus projects with clients across US, UK, Australia and Asia.
We go beyond the existing scope and tell you if there is “better way of doing it”.
We are always happy to help you to go the extra mile when things are not well defined and play is so dynamic. Our solutions are flexible enough to fit your budget.
We are happy to serve you beyond the project completion, after all you are our best sales person. Passion to make a better community.

Client Testimonial

We just got an inquiry from a German Startup that they love our customize tool and where we got it from – I of course recommended you :-)
Working with greyparrots has been fantastic. They communicate extremely well and are always prompt with making changes and adjustments. I will continue to use their services into the future!
Great work, fast and good quality. Documentations are in order too. I’m sure to use you again on other projects. He might not be the cheapest around, but the quality of work is worth it by far.
Anders Fjelstad, CEO, Fjelstad IT

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